Phantasma Gloria (blackdublinski) wrote in bitchcore,
Phantasma Gloria

hey kittie fans!

I'm currently selling a very limited edition signed kittie single with sticker and postcard here:

This is a really exciting item. This is a limited edition Kittie single - it is numbered: 0255

This is the single Brackish. There is also the exclusive b-side : Da Shit Ya Can't Fuc Wit

The single details have been autographed by EVERY member - Morgan, Talena, Fallon and Mercedes

Also included is a Kittie postcard and sticker - you cannot buy these!

I got hold of this from Kerrang! magazine, it is genuine and cannot be bourght any other way. The card has a few nicks from being in the office but the record has not been played. 

A must for any Kittie fans, this is really special.

Feel free to ask any questions about the item!

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