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bitchcore's Journal

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post noise revelation

cult of my frustration

[-]this community is for discussing your bitchcore needs
[-]talk about bands such as: my ruin, jack off jill, scarling, snake river conspiracy, hole, garbage, kidney thieves...you get the picture
[-]discuss your concert experiences, post pictures, letters, I don't care
[-]advertise for new local bands, give website links, etc
[-]you can even post pictures of yourself..I don't care

[-]no negative comments to other members
[-]no stealing icons, writings, pictures, etc with out that member's permission
[-]if you're going to post tons of pics, use the Lj cut tag please
[-]yes guys can join...after all, this is mostly about music, not just female parts.


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7 year bitch, aimee mann, albums, alternative, ani difranco, babes in toyland, bass, bassists, beautiful garbage, beauty, beauty fiend, bikini kill, bitches, bjork, black, blondie, bois, bratmobile, bright red screams, bruises, clothes, concerts, courtney love, cunts, dada stunt girl, dar williams, demons, dolly dresses, drums, elegantly wasted, emo, envy, eyeliner, female musicians, females, fishnet, fishnets, garbage, girl scouts, girlies, girls, girlscouts, glam, goth, gothic, grey flowers, grrls, guitars, hair dye, harlow, heart, heavens to betsy, helium, hero, hips, hole, honesty, human waste project, indie, indie rock, innocence, jack off jill, jessicka fondera, juliana hatfield, julie ruin, kathleen hanna, kill rock stars, kittie, knives, le tigre, leather, lips, lipstick, local bands, lollipops, lollirot, long hair, lovesong, luscious jackson, lust, luxt, lyrics, make up, make-up, manhole, melissa auf der maur, misanthropy, music, musicians, my ruin, no doubt, pictures, pink, pj harvey, poe, punk, purple, red, riot girl, riot girls, scarling, scars, screams, sex, shirley manson, shoes, shows, sin, ska, skin, skirts, sluts, snake river conspiracy, stages, stars, strawberry gashes, sugar coma, superfix, sycophant, tairrie b., tattoos, terror, the distillers, the donnas, the eyeliners, the skirts, the smiths, the spooky kids, thestart, tiaras, tight pants, tight shirts, tits, tobey torres, tori amos, tour, touring, tours, tsunami bomb, veruca salt, vocals, whores, wounds