nomen_mihi_est (nomen_mihi_est) wrote in bitchcore,

One Lesbian Film, One Gay Film

Who wants these? scroll down ALL PICS AND DESCRIPTIONS IN THE LINK xo

Lost and DeliriousBarton and Piper Perabohigh schoolers
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Mary ReillyMalkovich and Julia RobertsJekyll and Hyde through the maids eyes
Mystic River
The Broken Hearts ClubComedygroup of gay friends played by Hott guysCainKeegan and Zach Braff
Grindabout a budding young pro-skaterBrody and Bam Margeraskatershott skater girl
Meet the ParentsScream
The Royal Tenenbaums
A Midsummer Nights DreamNew Version
Chaplin The Collection: (selling separately)

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