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we fucked like bunny's

so i met a guy. he's a street kid. ok, not a kid. he's 22. he's fucking gorgeous witha gorgeous voice. obviously i knew nothing too serious would come of anything. the first day i met him, we fucked all night under the Bridge. it sounds dirty...but it wasn't. really. you'd have to be there to understand. the next morning i went home and lateedah. i see him the next day and we hang out drink etc. etc. nothing sexual. the next night i go back. we get drunk and then really raunchy in a backlane... anyway, i didnt see him for a while, since i was grounded. but i "escaped" the day before he left town. it was around 5 and i stopped to talk to him. he asked me to come back later on that night. so i do... he ignored me the whole evening. now, i wouldnt be so pissed had he not specifically asked me to come, and argued when i said maybe not. not only did he ignore me, but he spent the entire evening hitting on these two chicks that had their eyes on him for the whole time we were seeing each other. THEN he gave me a lecture on drug use. i was quite embarassed and pissed off. i didnt bother staying for the after-party sex. fuck men, not boys.

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