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I work at Toys R us and I want to say FUCK YOU to all the GODDAMN ppl who yell at me because I say "happy holidays' instead of Merry Christmas. It's nothing new to say happy holidays. Infact, it's been going on longer than ppl say merry christmas. It's a lot easier to say Happy Holidays instead of:Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah,Happy Kwanza, and a good Solstic. It's just common sense. I'm not going to wish one over the other. If someone says Merry Christmas then that's fine but don't fucking tell me not to say happy holidays. I'm not going to assume what religion (if any) you are. If you are so worried about putting the Christ back in Christmas (as the Baptists around here have been saying) then instead of dropping 400 bucks on your 1 child who is yelling at the other end of the store with the other parent why don't you donate part of that to your church, part of it to a cause worhtwhile (like cancer reserch) and part of it on something practical like a science kit instead of the over sexed Baby Bratz or an Xbox 360.
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